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Sean Murray

Assistant Principal:

Joseph Pumo 

Family STEAM Night 2021 Worksheet

IMPORTANT LETTER Regarding 8th Grade Moving Up Ceremonies (English) (Spanish)

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Incoming 7th Grade Parent Orientation (video) (slide show)

Middle School Seasons of Love Video

Mr. Murray's Video Message for Student Expectations - Spring 2021

Mr. Murray discusses Challenge Up and taking Regents classes in 8th grade, 2/10/21
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Letter from Mr. Murray regarding new attendance codes in PowerSchool, January 11, 2021 (English) (Spanish)

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Google Classroom Codes - 20/21


#RamResolve Principal Series Parent Presentation


Virtual Parent Meeting With Mr. Murray Regarding WHMS Re-Opening - Slide Show


Incoming 7th Grade Orientation Video & Slideshow 2020 and Building Map 


Summer Assignment for Students Taking Algebra in 8th Grade: Google Classroom code - uitxtpq

Summer Assignment for students Taking Living Environment in 8th Grade: Google Classroom code - kbxe7gw


Please Update Your Contact Information (English) (Spanish)



Most parents are looking for worthwhile things for their kids to do this summer, and even better if it's free. So in case you want to share this info with parents of students entering grades 6-9:

The 2020 Virtual STEAM Summer Program is a series of free, online, interactive sessions developed for students in grades 6-9. The sessions will be taught by Maritime College faculty, students, and staff covering diverse topics in science, technology, engineering, arts, and math. Sessions will be available every Wednesday from 10-11:30 a.m. through August 5.

Parents should use this link to register their children:

Summer Reading Expectations & Resources 


WHMS Distance Learning Links & Resources


Mr. Bauer Explains How to Upload Work to Google Classroom 


"Challenge Up" Parent Presentation - click here 


Important Letter from Mr. Murray About Vaping


Follow the WHMS on Twitter @WH_MSRAMS for updates and pictures of our students in action.

The West Hempstead Union Free School District recognizes the unique value of each student. It is dedicated to the success of each student based on the highest standards of excellence in education. Each student will be challenged to achieve mastery in all subject areas in an educational atmosphere that strives to build positive self- esteem, mutual respect for others, and life-long quest for learning.

Please explore the links available on this page, particularly the "Week @ WHMS - Parent Edition" to find out more about life at WHMS. Welcome!


Expectations Shared with Students to Start School Year


Re-Registration for All Present 8th Grade Students


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Habits of Mind

A_Foundation_of_Good_Habits.png thumbnail184383

The George Washington School and West Hempstead Middle School recently began implementing the Habits of Mind program to students. The Habits of Mind nourishes students’ social-emotional learning and aims to improve the performance of students under challenging conditions. Social workers and support staff in each school have been pushing into classrooms to introduce students to the different aspects of the program, such as persistence, thinking flexibly and striving for accuracy.

Students at George Washington will first concentrate on the habit of gathering data through the senses. Classes were visited by school social worker Liz Binstock and completed a sensory board together. The activity had students identify different senses and how they can be utilized to implement the different habits.

At West Hempstead Middle School, students participated in different Habits of Minds introductory activities throughout the week of May 17. The week began with students viewing a video of Principal Sean Murray and Assistant Principal Joe Pumo introducing the program. Each day following, there was a focus on the habits related to subjects such as social studies, math and science. For example, for the science focus students discussed the conditions necessary to support seed germination and planted wildflowers, which they will take care of for the rest of the year. This activity reinforced the first habit they will be focusing on, which is thinking interdependently.

Habits of Mind instills a foundation in students at the elementary level to build on as they progress in age. In the coming years, the district will continue to grow the Habits of Mind program with students and staff, building a solid foundation in social-emotional learning at all ages.


VIDEO: WHMS Presents "Seasons of Love"

WHMS students on screen performing Seasons of Love.  thumbnail184334

Please enjoy this performance by the West Hempstead Middle School chorus! 


Cultivating An Independent and Supportive Environment

William in front of his artwork, holding anime books.  thumbnail183350
William in front of his artwork, holding anime books.
William and his teachers in front of his artwork holding anime books.  thumbnail183352
William and his teachers in front of his artwork holding anime books.

William Cruz, an eighth grade student at West Hempstead Middle School, has become a prime example of how the West Hempstead School District nurtures the specific needs and interests of students to progress them academically and personally.

Throughout the years, William didn’t naturally gravitate toward reading and art, then he discovered his love for anime and was given the space and support to explore this new genre. With the encouragement of his art teacher Christina Ferrante and reading teacher Allyson Kiernan, he was able to expand his skills and quickly flourished as a reader and art student. 

“The best part of my job is when students truly fall in love with reading,” Ms. Kiernan said. “It is clear that William has found the genre that he loves and has really embraced it.”

In Ms. Ferrante’s art class, she recently instructed the students to paint a celebrity or well-known figure in a monochromatic fashion. William asked Ms. Ferrante if he could focus on anime characters for the assignment and she happily obliged after witnessing his new enthusiasm for the arts. Full of inspiration, William brought his favorite books to life. He not only created one piece of art, but seven canvas paintings of anime characters. Ms. Ferrante was so impressed that she dedicated a bulletin board to his work in the school hallway.

“Encouraging students to make art can sometimes happen easily and other times, it can be a challenge,” Ms. Ferrante said. “For me, I get more success with students when I allow them to create art on topics of their choice. It’s a way to earn trust and build confidence, and William is a perfect example of this strategy.”

Superintendent of Schools Dan Rehman encourages all of the teachers in the district to also follow this strategy. He believes in an independent but supportive atmosphere that allows students to find their unique paths in education.  

“As the superintendent, I want to be a part of creating and enjoying a learning environment where rigor, risk-taking, symbiosis, autonomy and access for all are expected and valued,” Mr. Rehman said. “It is apparent William, and his teachers, are living examples of this philosophy.”

William is just one of many similar success stories in the district and offered some advice to other students who have not found their niche yet. He also had an anime book recommendation for his peers. 

“Just give it a try, try something different you may like and then go for it,” he said. “And try reading “My Hero Academia” by Kohei Horikoshi, it’s one of my favorites and great for middle schoolers.”

WH Releases Community Mobile App

Untitled_design_(38)(3).png thumbnail183177
The West Hempstead School District recently released a mobile app for the community to access important information such as documents, news updates and emergency notifications. 

“As a district, we are always looking for the most efficient ways to communicate with the community and district,” Superintendent Dan Rehman said. “This past year has come with a lot of changes and updates, and we hope this app will help streamline the communication moving forward.” 

The app also includes a staff directory and calendar of events and is available for download on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Reading Is A Superpower

Untitled_design_(31).png thumbnail182887

The West Hempstead Middle School Comic Book and Graphic Novel Club recently held its first Read-A-Thon. In one month, the students read 95 comics, two graphic novels and three additional books. ENL teacher and avid Marvel and DC Comics enthusiast Candice Walker created the after-school club three years ago.

“I wanted a place for all students interested in comic books and graphic novels to come read, socialize and discuss their favorite genre,” Ms. Walker said. “Students in the building, as well as remote students, can participate in everything the club has to offer.”

The club’s Read-A-Thon was sponsored by Chuck Baglivio, owner of Cosmic Comics in Baldwin. He was instrumental in helping the club with choosing the best suited comics and books for the students, and all participating students received a gift card to Cosmic Comics.




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