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Summer Reading

The most effective way to help your child be ready for a successful school year next September is to support and encourage near daily reading throughout the summer.  Below, please see links to letters for your incoming 7th or 8th grader, respectively.


It is also vital that your child practice writing at least weekly throughout the summer.  Writing can take many forms.  Below, please find links to reading response forms and graphic organizers that your child may choose to complete that will both guide his or her reading and help keep writing skills sharp. There are 10 choices for responding to fiction or literature and 10 choices for responding to non-fiction or informational text.  Students should choose the form that works best for them.  They may also choose to journal, write a book review, or simply engage in creative free-writing.


Finally, the West Hempstead Public Library has a wonderful Teen/Tween program that you can learn more about here:

Happy Reading and Writing!

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