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Family and Consumer Science


International Foods Description The International Foods course introduces students to the ways in which the culture and traditions of regions and countries influence food choices. Students will identify and prepare foods from various regions and countries to compare cuisines, ingredients used, and preferred cooking methods. Students will also examine the issues and conditions which affect the availability and quality of food in the global market. Current issues related to global nutrition from production through consumption will be explored. Through this investigation students will understand and appreciate diverse cultures.

Gourmet Foods Description The Gourmet Foods class continues expanding on the food preparation skills learned in Culinary Skills while using more advanced production techniques and exploring more complicated procedures of fine cuisine. This course focuses on the study of classic cuisine and current epicurean trends. Students will further develop culinary terminology, menu language and proper etiquette while participating in a dining experience.


FACS Information

Formerly known as Home Economics or Home & Careers …

Family and Consumer Sciences Education (FACS) is a NY State mandated program in Grades 5-8, that prepares students for independent living and working within a diverse and global society.

Students will meet core NY State learning standards to acquire the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors needed for lifelong success through character development, creative and critical thinking, interpersonal communication, and practical knowledge.

In addition, students learn to meet life challenges, which include balancing personal, home, family and work lives; acquiring marketable skills to be successful in life management, employment, and career development; promoting optimal nutrition and wellness; and managing resources to meet the material needs of individuals and families.

Each unit topic covered within FACS facilitates the integration of learning standards from multiple disciplines including: Math, Science, Technology, English Language Arts, Social Studies, Languages Other Than English, and the Arts.
Unit Topics Covered