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  • The ideal learning environment for your children is one in which they can use all their senses and express their ideas through many curricular areas such as music, art, drama, and science projects.

  • Kindergarten children learn best when all of their learning needs and interests are nurtured through a broad and understandable curriculum, led by a caring educator.

  • The different needs of children can best be met through a flexible classroom setting where whole class, small group, and individual groupings are utilized.

  • Your children’s emotional, intellectual, nutritional, physical, and social needs are developed at Chestnut St.

  • Our Language Arts program provides many opportunities for children to use language.   We will use their experiences/interests as a basis for developing many language activities.

  • We want to build a sense of autonomy in the students we learn with.  We want to involve students in decision making.

  • We believe your child’s needs, interests and discoveries are of the utmost importance.

  • Assessments at Chestnut St. are ongoing.  They are used to assess a child’s strengths and weaknesses so that we can provide the optimal learning environment for each child’s development.