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Principal's Message

Hello Cornwell Families!

In case you didn’t get my Back to School letter: I was born and raised on Long Island and went through the public school system.  I began my career as a teacher on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, became an Assistant Principal and then Principal of a school in Brooklyn for almost a decade.  I LOVE being a Principal and consider myself a life-long student!  I am also a parent.  My son, AJ, started first grade so we are beginning the school year together.  I feel so fortunate to become a part of a school community where a commitment to our students and a dedication to teaching and learning are deeply embedded in the everyday.

I am incredibly confident that, together, we will make monumental progress in the achievements and happiness of all our children.  We will prepare them for middle school, high school, college and beyond and ensure their success academically, socially, and emotionally.  An enormous part of a school community is cohesion among administration, staff, parents, and students.  I assure you that I am fully dedicated to this warm, nurturing environment where students can grow and flourish and a place where you, the parents, will feel welcomed and appreciated.  I am a “hands-on” leader and am very involved with the students.  I will be in and out of classrooms to participate, listen, observe, and spend time with your children.  I began my career in education because of my love for children and a belief in their abilities.  I anticipate remarkable things this upcoming school year.  

I am so excited to be wrapping up an incredible back-to-school month here.  We have made some changes you may have noticed regarding arrival, lunch, and dismissal. I’m always open to feedback in the best interest of our kids.  

This school has SUCH an incredible staff!  We are all fortunate to be working with and learning from these dedicated educators.  I have been in and out of classrooms getting to know your children and it has been wonderful!  I’ve been reading aloud in each class: Rosie Revere, Engineer by Andrea Beaty.  It’s a fun story that teaches the much needed message of ‘if at first you don’t succeed, try, and try again!’

I will see you all soon and as always, please reach out for absolutely anything!  You can email me or you can reach me at 516.390.3140.


Deanna Sinito


Web screen

Beautiful Creation  Your children made me the MOST beautiful welcome gift! They all wrote their name, my name, and a little welcome on popsicle sticks. Mrs. Imhof put it all together and framed it. I will treasure it ALWAYS! Feel free to pop in and see their outstanding and thoughtful creation! :)