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West Hempstead Students Spread Kindness On P.S. I Love You Day

Love and kindness traveled across the district as students in grades K-12 participated in P.S. I Love You Day on Feb. 9.

According to its website, P.S. I Love You Day was named after the nonprofit organization established by sisters Brooke DiPalma and Jaimie DiPalma, who lost their father to suicide in 2010. Observers of the day wear purple in a display of solidarity for the organization’s causes, which are to take a stance against bullying and to help end depression and prevent suicide.

Donning the initiative’s signature purple, students at Chestnut Street and Cornwell Avenue elementary schools crafted a quilt out of Post-it notes inscribed with characteristics of a good friend, such as caring, funny, thoughtful and nice. Students at George Washington Elementary School received purple hearts to pass along to cherished friends, family members and teachers. They also wrote heart-shaped letters to a person they love. 

At the middle school, sixth- through eighth-grade students created “We Are the Change” banners during their lunch periods. Adding their own unique touches, they personalized the banners with illustrations and colorful paper hands bearing uplifting and compassionate messages. 

Students and staff at the high school prepared for P.S. I Love You Day with Love Is Universal Week, a weeklong set of activities that promoted compassion, appreciation and love for one another. Students received badges for completing random acts of kindness, linked kindhearted words together in a paper “kindness chain,” and wrote notes of appreciation to classmates and teachers. Students and teachers were also encouraged to sign a “P.S. I Love You” poster and take photos in a photo booth during lunch periods. 

On Feb. 9, the entire staff and student body at the high school were encouraged to wear purple and participate in the “Take One – Give One” Post-it note activity, which resulted in the lobby being filled with colorful sticky notes bearing messages of hope, love, empathy and compassion. Throughout the day, students were asked to take a note and keep it for themselves or give it to someone else. 

2018 Science Expo

2018 Science Expo photo
Middle school students in grades 6, 7 and 8, and high school students enrolled in the following Regents-level courses: Earth Science, Living Environment, Chemistry and Physics participated in this years annual Science Expo. In order to be considered as a finalist, the students went through several rounds of judging and were invited to the evening awards ceremony. For each category, the students were eligible to win either 1st, 2nd or 3rd place. Moreover, the winners would now move on to the Long Island Science Congress competition this April.

Two-Time Geography Bee Winner Named At West Hempstead Middle School

Two-Time Geography Bee Winner Named At West Hempstead Middle School photo

Mouhammad Seck, a seventh-grader at West Hempstead Middle School, won his school’s Geography Bee for the second consecutive year on Jan. 29.

Prior to the competition, every social studies class held its own bee to determine four finalists from each grade, six through eight, to participate at the building level. 

Officiated by social studies teachers Dean Bourazeris and Margaret Santarelli, the 12 finalists gathered in the cafeteria to answer questions covering multiple facets of U.S. and world geography.

Mouhammad will join students from across the country in taking an online written test as part of the next round of the 30th annual National Geographic Bee. The top 100 scorers on that test in each state will then be eligible to compete in their state bee. The state winners will advance to the national championship rounds in Washington, D.C., where they will have the chance to win a $50,000 college scholarship.

The district congratulates Mouhammad and wishes him much success as he continues in the competition.  

Virtual Voyage

Virtual Voyage photo

Aligned with their social studies unit on the American Revolution, West Hempstead Middle School seventh-graders traveled to Boston, Massachusetts, via video conference to learn about the Boston Tea Party from the Boston Tea Party Ship and Museum.

During the video conference, a Daughter of Liberty welcomed students to Town Hall, where they participated in debates about taxation without representation and issues that led to the American Revolution. Reading cue cards, seventh-graders took turns identifying as Patriots or Loyalists to discuss the tea trade and how the East India Company acquired a monopoly on the tea sold to the Colonies.

Students then boarded an 18th-century vessel that was anchored at Griffin’s Wharf, where the protest occurred. Below deck, they explored the crew’s quarters, cargo, crates of tea and captain’s cabin. They also took part in the “Destruction of the Tea” by seeing how the Sons of Liberty threw tea into the Boston Harbor. 

The district extends a special thank-you to middle school social studies teacher Dean Bourazeris for organizing this interactive lesson on American history. 

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