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2019 Tenure Tea and June Board Meeting

2019 Middle School Orientation

Families Generating STEAM

Families Generating STEAM

West Hempstead Middle School welcomed district students and families for the annual Family STEAM Night on May 30.

The evening was filled with a variety of science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics activities for the entire family to participate in. Organized by Director of STEM Joseph Cangemi and high school students enrolled in Advanced Placement science courses, attendees had the opportunity to create slime, watch dissections of pigs, play math games, conduct gravity testing, test the power of the sun and more. 

“Thank you to all the students and staff who participated in Family STEAM Night,” said Superintendent of Schools Dan Rehman. “The district is thrilled to be able to offer a night for district families to explore areas of STEAM.”

Celebrating Progress

Celebrating Progress photo

Students in the high school and middle school’s English as a New Language program came together for the annual international luncheon on May 30 to celebrate progress, achievement and challenges that were overcome during the past year.

High school and middle school students gathered in the high school’s gymnasium to enjoy a buffet of native dishes brought in by their peers and teachers. Pictures and posters from the past year also covered the wall to showcase the progress of the program. Students and teachers reflected on the accomplishments of the past several months and looked forward to the future with excitement.

The district thanks ENL Director Faith Tripp and the entire staff for their dedication and hard work to the students and ENL program.

Restructuring Survey

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Acting in the Wind

Acting in the Wind
West Hempstead Middle School eighth grade Living Environment Honors classes recently read the Jerome Lawrence and Robert Edwin Lee written play, “Inherit the Wind,” and participated in many activities as part of an introduction to the evolution topic.

Students participated in activities that educated the class on the Scopes Monkey Trial as a landmark court case that debated the morality of teaching evolution in a public science classroom. The students not only read the play, they also acted out some of the scenes that helped to demonstrate the many science concepts related to evolution embedded in the play.

“This lesson helped to give students a wonderful opportunity to learn firsthand how science education has changed in the United States over the years,” said Director of STEM Joseph Cangemi.

Brightening Visitors

Brightening Visitors photo
Brightening Visitors photo 2
Brightening Visitors photo 3
Brightening Visitors photo 4
West Hempstead Middle School special education science teacher Louis DeVivo has helped to brighten students’ days during the school year by bringing in ducklings and chinchillas for students to visit.

When in the building, many students make their way to Mr. DeVivo’s classroom throughout the day to feed and hold the special guests.

Future Focus

Future Focus

An emphasis on future plans was the theme for the district on May 22 when the high school and middle school hosted alumni, local universities and organizations for Alumni Day and the Career and College Fair.

The high school celebrated Annual Alumni Day by welcoming back recent graduates for a workshop with the senior class. The alumni spoke to the soon-to-be graduates about college life including scheduling, dorm life, selecting a major, time management and other aspects of going to college. 

The addition of the Career and College Fair this year allowed students at the middle school and high school to speak to representatives from higher institutions such as Farmingdale State College, Molloy College, LIU Post, Johnson and Wales University and Nassau Community College. Local organizations such as the Long Island Nets, the West Hempstead Public Library and Winthrop Hospital were also on hand to offer potential career paths.

The district thanks all of the alumni, colleges and working professionals for sharing advice and encouragement to students as they prepare for the future.

Spring 2019 Middle School Concert

Spring College and Career Day

Award Winning Presence at Long Island Science Congress

Award Winning Presence at Long Island Science Congress photo
Award Winning Presence at Long Island Science Congress photo 2
The district was represented by students from the middle school and high school at the Long Island Science Congress on April 9 and 10. A total of 14 West Hempstead students earned awards for their presentations.

High school students Jordan DeJesus and Jaci Gillen were each presented with the Achievement Award for their projects in the Senior Division. Raees Bacchus, Barrett Schenk, Nicholas Solar and Sophia Varone all earned Honorable Mention Awards.

Middle school student Ariana DeJesus garnered the Achievement Award for the Junior Division while Lauren Ford and Grace Leppard were each presented with the Meritorious Award. Xharlize Avila, Christina Gabayan, Xavi Galdamez-Febus and Matthew Watterson all earned Honorable Mention accolades.

“Our students performed very well and should be proud of their accomplishment,” said Director of STEM Joseph Cangemi.

A Period of Opportunity

A Period of Opportunity
The West Hempstead Union Free School District’s secondary schools will be reinstating the nine-period school day schedule starting in 2019-20, as announced at a Board of Education meeting on May 7.

Earlier this year, the Board of Education and Superintendent of Schools Daniel Rehman discussed their goal to bring back the nine-period schedule as a way to expand learning opportunities for students. This change has no impact on the budget. 

“We look forward to this wonderful opportunity for our students and thank all of those involved,” said Board of Education President Karen Brohm.

Back to the Tank

Back to the Tank photo

Seventh graders in Dean Bourazeris’ social studies classes combined their knowledge of the past and power of persuasion on April 29 and 30, when they pitched historical inventions in a “Shark Tank” style format.

Student groups selected and researched historical innovations such as the cotton gin, the telegraph, the steam engine, the Erie Canal and the National Turnpike. They delivered presentations that conveyed the creations as new products, in hopes of catching the interests of peers and Mr. Bourazeris – the event’s investors. Groups used informational slides and constructed replicas of their inventions to bring a full business proposal to their audience members.  

Following the presentations, Mr. Bourazeris and the audience filled out evaluation and peer feedback forms on Google Chromebooks to offer glow and grow moments for each group. Students also filled out questionnaires in which they described what they learned about each invention, expressed whether or not they would they invest in it and ranked its historical significance.

“The students made compelling presentations and pitches about the significance of their historical products,” said Mr. Bourazeris. “They used the fun of the pitch while also helping to educate their peers on important history.”