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Gina Gandolfo
Transportation Coordinator
Phone: (516) 390-3112
Fax: (516) 489-1776


Nonpublic Transportation Deadline Extended to July 7, 2020

Please note that due to the closure of schools pursuant to the Executive Order(s) issued by the Governor for the COVID-19 crisis and recognizing that such requests need to be incorporated into a school district’s budget, the Department directs all public school districts to accept all parental requests for transportation to charter and nonpublic schools submitted on or before July 7, 2020. The Department deems such Executive Order(s) be a reasonable excuse for a delay under Ed. Law 3635.

Dear Parents / Guardians:

Effective immediately, we will begin accepting applications for private school transportation for the 2020-2021 school year ahead of the July 7th deadline (as per NYS Law).

In an effort to streamline the process, we will no longer be mailing paper applications to each household.

Parents/Guardians are urged to follow this link; this will take you to our online registration form:

Keep in mind that an individual form needs to be completed for each child attending private school.
If you are a new resident, or this is your first time registering for transportation, proof of residency is required.
Utilize the links on the left margin of this page to access residency requirements and a printable transportation form.

If you should you have any issues, please contact our Transportation Coordinator, Mrs. Gina Gandolfo, at or 516-390-3112.


Bus transportation is provided for public, private and parochial schools within the District; present policy for distance requirements is as follows:

  • For pupils in Kindergarten and grades 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 where the school is located at least 3/4 mile from the pupil’s home.

  • For pupils in grade 6 where the school is located at least one mile from the pupil’s home.

  • Pupils in grades 7-12 where the school is located at least 11/2 miles from the pupil’s home. Bus transportation may be provided to pupils attending a private or parochial school outside the district according to the formula listed above, as long as the school is located no more than 15 miles from the pupil’s home. Transportation will be provided to physically or mentally handicapped children attending special classes or school as recommended by the Committee on Special Education.

Distances from a given home to a given school will be measured with a specially calibrated odometer and/or satellite mapping. Measurement shall be made from the curb nearest the front door of each home to the curb of the officially designated entrance of the school attended, and shall be the shortest possible walking route between the home and the school using public streets or roads.

Bus passes may be obtained from Gina Gandolfo, Transportation Clerk, in the Administration Office, 252 Chestnut Street, 390-3112. Pupils who lose bus passes may have them replaced for $5 the first time and $5 for each subsequent loss.

(Before and after School Hours)

Acme Bus Co. 631-471-4600
Dell 516-883-6711
Independent 516-569-5364
First Student (Laidlaw) 516-433-7600
Rivlab 718-318-1440
Suburban Bus Co. 516-781-5484
Veteran’s Transportation 516-561-7070
WE Transport, Inc 516-349-8200