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Coronavirus Information

 The last day of distance learning will be Tuesday, June 16. 


March 30, 2020

Dear Parent/Guardians,

COVID19 has us worried and rightfully so. NYSED, the County, and now the Governor has taken a chokehold grip of the education system. But I am emboldened by all of you. Parents who are more engaged than ever in learning (remember when you said when will I ever need to use Algebra again?! Here we are!).  Students using a series of apps and web programs that make online learning more viable. Teachers video conferencing to share tips and teach lessons. Entire staffs making videos for their schools, we are turning this challenge into an opportunity. 

The West Hempstead UFSD is rising above the uncertainty as a phoenix rises out of the ashes. With students learning at home for the foreseeable future (at least until April 15 as per the Executive Order), I know teachers are planning a more rigorous and interactive plan for instruction. Interactive and interdisciplinary learning opportunities are in the works—even more online interaction. And, yes, new, even more, meaningful material.

We are pushing boundaries and trying new and different learning strategies to meet the needs of our students. This process takes time and patience. Teaching in a brick and mortar setting and teaching in an online world are two different types of instruction. I applaud our entire district as we make this transition.

If "learning" is what we are after, then we must be initiated from locked-in, content-driven packages to participatory knowledge-building experiences. Learners need to be free to work individually, cooperatively, and collaboratively, with the best information available in this technology-rich learning environment.

[T]eaching is inherently about human interaction and teacher and student relationships. Students recognize that when teachers create...they are taking time to "teach" them (Bergmann and Sams (2014, p. 27).

This past week and a half have been a testament to our character, our steadfastness, our empathy for one another. These next two weeks are about taking our instructional game to the next level. Our staff is ahead of the curve, and it has been a joy to witness. Please keep pushing each other and ourselves to realize the best version of the #RamFam.

From Dan Rehman, not the Superintendent but the human being, thank you, for demonstrating what it means to be part of the #RamFam. In this time of uncertainty, let us not forget we are all human first.


Dan Rehman

SCOPE Education Services Emergency Child Care Programs 

SCOPE Emergency Child Care Programs are available to the children of first responders, medical service providers, transit workers and where space permits, other essential workers for the residents of participating school districts. The West Hempstead UFSD is participating in this program. This service is available for school-age children (see .pdf entitled, “Emergency Child Care Parent Info 3.27.2020" for more details). 

If you need child-care for children who are not school-age, please read the .pdf below entitled, “Nassau County Day Care.” 

SCOPE Emergency Child Care is available at the following locations for residents of participating school districts: West Hempstead UFSD is a participating district (Nassau Residents may only register for programs located in Nassau County)

East Meadow/Bowling Green
East Rockaway/Rhame
Elmont/Dutch Broadway
Garden City/Stewart  
Island Trees/Sparke
Uniondale/California Ave.
Wantagh/Wantagh Elementary

  • Emergency Child Care Parent Info 3.27.20
  • Nassau County Day Care

    Dear West Hempstead Families,

    During the two-week closure of all Nassau County schools ordered by the Nassau County Executive (from March 16th through March 27th), the West Hempstead school district will be providing breakfast and lunch for all households of enrolled children who are eligible for free or reduced-price meals. Cafeterias will not be opened for use, so all meals will be provided on a “grab-and-go” basis. Each meal pickup will include breakfast and lunch  for each eligible child in the household. You may pick up meals for more than one day during each visit, so that you don’t have to return every day, but meals will be available for pickup every day during the closure. All meals may be picked up at the front entrance of West Hempstead High School, 400 Nassau Boulevard.

    Meal pickup will begin on Monday, March 16th from 11am through 1pm. Beginning Tuesday and continuing throughout the rest of the closure, the meal pickup time will change to 8am through 10am.

    We will keep you advised if there are any changes in this plan and appreciate your patience as we implement this new emergency process.

    Estimadas Familias de West Hempstead,

    Durante las dos semanas de cierre de todas las escuelas del condado de Nassau ordenadas por el Ejecutivo del condado de Nassau (del 16 de marzo al 27 de marzo), el distrito escolar de West Hempstead proporcionará desayuno y almuerzo a todos los hogares de niños inscritos que son elegibles a recibir comida a precio reducido o gratis.  Las cafeterías no se abrirán para su uso, por lo que todas las comidas se proporcionarán en forma de "recoger y  llevar". Cada recogida de comida incluirá desayuno y almuerzo para cada niño elegible en el hogar. Puede recoger comidas para más de un día durante cada visita, para que no tenga que regresar todos los días, pero las comidas estarán disponibles para recoger todos los días durante el cierre. Todas las comidas se pueden recoger en la entrada principal de la Escuela Secundaria de West Hempstead, 400 Nassau Boulevard.

    La recogida de comidas comenzará el lunes 16 de marzo de 11 a.m. a 1 p.m.  A partir del martes y continuando durante el resto del cierre, el horario de recogida de comidas cambiará a 8;00 a.m. a  10:00 a.m.

    Los mantendremos informados si hay algún cambio en este plan y apreciaremos su paciencia mientras implementamos este nuevo proceso de emergencia.

    West Hempstead School District, along with the College Board, is focused on the health and safety of the students and educators we serve as the effects of the coronavirus (COVID-19) continue to evolve. With this in mind, the March 14, 2020, SAT Exam administration scheduled for West Hempstead High School is being postponed to Saturday, March 28, 2020. All students impacted by this test center closing should click here for more information.