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Important Information on District Restructuring

Restructuring image
The district’s Board of Education unanimously adopted a plan at its Jan. 30 business meeting to move forward with restructuring the district’s schools. For detailed information, click here.

1) Letter to Parents re: Restructuring
2) Restructuring Fact Sheet
3) Video on District Restructuring
4) Cornwell Avenue Presentation to Parents
5) George Washington Presentation to Parents
6) Important Parent Meeting on District Restructuring - June 11

Important Parent Meeting on District Restructuring - June 11


STELLAR STEAMs Ahead with 3D Design Project

STELLAR STEAMs Ahead with 3D Design Project photo
STELLAR STEAMs Ahead with 3D Design Project photo 2
STELLAR STEAMs Ahead with 3D Design Project photo 3
STELLAR STEAMs Ahead with 3D Design Project photo 4
Fourth-grade students at George Washington Elementary School have been engaging in a hands-on STEAM learning project that brings their ideas to fruition. The students, who are enrolled in the district’s STELLAR program (Success in Technology, Library, Literacy, Artistry and Research), designed and constructed their own roller coaster carts using laptops, Tinkercad software and 3D printers. 

Under the guidance of their teacher, Dara Perlow, each student created a cart that incorporated their own personal style. They started by learning the science behind roller coasters and the principles of physics involved. After the initial research, they built models from materials such as piping insulation and tape. They then took their innovations to the computer screens and utilized Tinkercad’s features to work on their three-dimensional designs and prepare them for the printer. 

Tinkercad presents an assortment of pieces and connectors that the students pieced together to form their structures. They added names for their designs and selected colors, shapes and decorations to make their carts unique. The projects involved much trial and error, and students learned from mistakes and found solutions to problems. In addition to the subjects of science, engineering and technology, the process tied in with math concepts such as geometry, symmetry, graphing and measurement. 

Results of Budget Vote


Board of Education Regular Business Meeting Notice - June 19, 2018


Parent Meetings re: Restructuring

Parents are invited to attend the following meetings to learn more about their child’s transition during the district’s restructuring process and ask any questions they may have.

CA Parent Night, May 14
6– 6:30 p.m. PPS Information
6:30– 7:30 p.m. All Parents

GW Parent Night: May 21
6–6:30 p.m. PPS Information
6:30– 7:30 p.m. All Parents

CA Incoming Grade 1 Parent Meeting: June 6 @ 9:30 a.m.

Students Present at Long Island Science Congress

Students Present at Long Island Science Congress photo
Students Present at Long Island Science Congress photo 2
A number of students in grades 7-12 from West Hempstead Middle School and High School recently presented their science research projects at this year's Long Island Science Congress competition. The event was held at Saint Anthony's High School in Huntington Station on April 17-18.  

Students in both the junior and senior divisions presented their work, and each was judged a minimum of three times. Science teachers Mary Evans, Virginia Pusateri, Salvatore Trupia and James Ypsilantis accompanied the students and also served as judges for other scholars presenting at the competition. The West Hempstead School District congratulates all who participated.

New York Times Reporter Shares Expert Insight

New York Times Reporter Shares Expert Insight photo
New York Times Reporter Shares Expert Insight photo 2
Industry insight headlined a recent classroom visit for journalism students at West Hempstead High School as New York Times reporter Emily Brennan shared numerous “tricks of the trade” with the class.
During the informative presentation, students learned the inner workings of a large news organization, such as the subjects they look to cover and how the opinion section differs from the daily operations of the newsroom. 

As the presentation continued, students learned that staff members possessing a diverse range of skills are necessary to ensure efficient operations across the organization. Brennan highlighted a number of essential positions in addition to reporters and editors, including computer programmers, filmmakers, photographers and social media experts, that work collaboratively to make the 24-hour operation successful.  

The visit served as an excellent connection to classroom topics and exemplified how skills covered during classroom instruction are applicable to real-world careers. 

HS Achievement Dinner

HS Achievement Dinner Pic
HS Achievement Dinner Pic 2
HS Achievement Dinner Pic 3
HS Achievement Dinner Pic 4
HS Achievement Dinner Pic 5
HS Achievement Dinner Pic 6
Congratulations to the West Hempstead High School seniors who were honored at the district’s Top 25 Dinner on May 1. The district and entire West Hempstead community is proud of your accomplishments! To view all photos from the evening, please Click here.

High School Hosts Honor Society Inductions

High School Hosts Honor Society Inductions Pic
High School Hosts Honor Society Inductions Pic
High School Hosts Honor Society Inductions Pic 43

In an extraordinary display of academic excellence, 133 students from West Hempstead High School were inducted into four prestigious honor societies as part of a special ceremony held April 23. 

Leading off the inductions, 15 students were welcomed into the Tri-M Music Honor Society. This honor is reserved for the most dedicated musicians who have met a number of required qualifications and exemplify the traits of a master musician. 
Continuing the inductions, 28 students were welcomed into the Spanish Honor Society for their dedication to the study of the Spanish language. Carrying on a West Hempstead High School tradition, two graduating seniors from the Italian Honor Society presented 16 students with certificates signifying their induction into the organization. 

Joining the National Art Honor Society, 35 students were selected for their continued commitment to creativity and positive contributions to the art program. 

Concluding the ceremony, the National Honor Society inducted 39 students for their dedication to the pillars of scholarship, leadership, service and character. 

Students Help Others with ‘Blessing Bags’

Students Help Others with ‘Blessing Bags’ photo
Earlier this school year, third-graders at Cornwell Avenue Elementary School created “blessing bags” for those in need. United by the spirit of altruism, the school community collected and donated toiletries and other essentials for those who are homeless or living in shelters. Students then packaged the items into individual bags. 

Every class at the school was asked to bring in two items to place in the bags. Donations included Band-Aids, hand sanitizer, socks, soap, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, lip balm, cotton swabs and toothbrushes, among other items.

Teachers at the school were inspired to launch the project to reinforce in students the importance of caring for others who are in need. “We wanted them to realize that it indeed takes a village to truly care for everyone in a community, and that we can easily do our part and be a part of the solution,” said third-grade teacher Barbara Silkes.

Nearly 250 blessing bags were created and donated to the Terena Williams Glory House in Hempstead.

“The residents of the shelter were deeply appreciative and grateful,” Silkes said. “Teaching our students to care for and help those in need is a priceless life lesson.”

Cornwell Avenue Has the Code for Creativity

Cornwell Avenue Has the Code for Creativity photo
Cornwell Avenue Has the Code for Creativity photo2
Cornwell Avenue Has the Code for Creativity photo3
Fifth-graders at Cornwell Avenue School participated in a coding project on April 19. Under the guidance of teacher Stacey Weinberg, they engaged in advance coding assignments using Google Sheets to create magic pixel art designs. 

Students worked in pairs to write code in a manner that formed an image. They designed their patterns, then selected number sentences and added code. Their goal was to have specific cells appear when the user correctly answers number sentences, with the final product being the full pixel art design. 

The activity incorporated various aspects of STEAM, including math and art, linking them to the coding lessons. 


Cornwell Avenue ’Lights It Up Blue’ in a Show of Support

Cornwell Avenue ’Lights It Up Blue’ in a Show of Support photo

In recognition of National Autism Awareness Month, students and staff at Cornwell Avenue Elementary School in the West Hempstead Union Free School District showcased their support with a “Light It Up Blue” event on April 20.

As part of the nationwide initiative, the school community dressed in blue, the campaign’s official color, to raise awareness of autism spectrum disorder. Through a variety of activities, students enhanced their understanding of autism while fostering a collective appreciation for the differences that make those living with the disorder unique.

To further demonstrate their support, every student decorated a puzzle piece that will be displayed outside of the cafeteria. 


West Hempstead HS Hosts NYSSMA Festival

West Hempstead HS Hosts NYSSMA Festival photo

For the first time in six years, West Hempstead High School hosted the Zone 13 New York State School Music Association Festival on April 17-18. Approximately 100 students from West Hempstead, along with about 900 others from nearby schools participated in the festival, where their hard work was put on full display for judges to evaluate.

Up to 50 West Hempstead students volunteered at the festival Each evening by helping students sign in and directing them where they needed to go. Staff members from throughout NYSSMA area 6, Zone 13B volunteered in various capacities throughout the building as well.

“It’s extremely important because it highlights all of the hard work students have been putting in for years into their music,” West Hempstead Director of Fine Arts Ryan Emmanuel-Cook said of the students who participated in such a prestigious festival. “Music theory and music education are extremely important to the development of children.”

Students through grade 12 spent months working on their pieces that were presented at the festival, and Zone 13 representative Edmund Chiarello said the difficulty of their works increases the older they get, and added that going through the process with judges helps prepare them for other life events, such as interviews for jobs. The experience goes “far beyond being a musician, and applies to multiple facets of life,” he explained.

West Hempstead orchestra teacher Dan Dipasquale said it’s very rewarding to see how far his students have come after all of the time and effort exerted during this process.

“Every time they get to something that raises their level, and you get to see them understand things better in class or just that look on their face when they realize they’re getting better, it’s a great feeling,” Dipasquale added.

West Hempstead Cheerleader & Coach Recognized by BOE

West Hempstead Cheerleader & Coach Recognized by BOE photo
West Hempstead Cheerleader & Coach Recognized by BOE photo 2
On April 17, the Board of Education, along with Superintendent Patricia Sullivan-Kriss and visitors, congratulated a special athlete and coach who were recently honored for their accomplishments.

West Hempstead High School sophomore Alexa Virgo was awarded a spot on Newsday’s All-Long Island Cheer Team, while her coach, Christa Spano, was named the Nassau County Cheerleading Coach of the Year.

Virgo, is a second-year varsity member of the girls cheerleading team. She previously cheered for a PAL league, the Uniondale Knights, before she became a high school cheerleader. Virgo is also an exceptional gymnast, and she was part of the Rockville Centre Rec Gymnastics team for four years, where she developed Level 10 skills. She’s known by her high school teammates and coach for her phenomenal jumps and tumbling ability.

“This is quite the accomplishment, especially at her young age,” Superintendent of Schools Patricia Sullivan-Kriss said. “We look forward to more accomplishments from Alexa and we certainly congratulate her on this accomplishment.”

Coach Spano was bestowed with her award due to her hard work and dedication within the sport. She’s an active participant on the Nassau County Cheerleading Coaches Association board, and she’s one of the planners for the Nassau County Cheerleading Awards Dinner. Spano has coached in Nassau County for 10 years, starting as a middle school coach before moving to junior varsity head coach, varsity assistant coach and ultimately, varsity head coach. The program has been taken to new heights under her and Ashleigh Longo’s leadership, as this year, for the first time in West Hempstead School District history, the varsity team competed in the National High School Cheerleading Championships, where the program is ranked in the top 50 percent of their division. 

“One of the things our district wants to thank you for is bringing our girls, for the first time, to a national competition, which is not only special in their ability to qualify for it, but it’s an event I’m sure they, and you, will never forget,” Sullivan-Kriss said to Spano. “Thank you for helping to create memories for our students."

George Washington Students Receive Visit from Assemblyman Ra

George Washington Students Receive Visit from Assemblyman Ra photo
George Washington Students Receive Visit from Assemblyman Ra photo2
George Washington Students Receive Visit from Assemblyman Ra photo3
Third-graders at George Washington Elementary School learned about local government when they received a special visit from District 19 Assemblyman Edward P. Ra on March 16, 2018. 

During his visit, Ra described the duties of an assemblyman and gave an explanation of the state budget. He also explained how laws are passed in the state of New York by having students try to pass a law to provide universal healthcare. Playing the roles of assemblymen, senators and governor, the third-graders discovered that a majority vote and governor’s approval are needed to create a new law.  

In turn, students asked Assemblyman Ra about his work, including how he became an assemblyman, what laws he has helped to enact, and his favorite and least favorite aspects of his position. 

The district is proud to offer students an opportunity to speak with their local assemblyman or assemblywoman to further their education as informed citizens.   

Sinking Hoops for Heart Health

Sinking Hoops for Heart Health photo
Sinking Hoops for Heart Health photo 2
Sinking Hoops for Heart Health photo 3
Cornwell Avenue Elementary School students worked on their basketball skills as they participated in the American Heart Association’s Hoops for Heart program to raise awareness about cardiovascular disease.
During their gym classes, students in grades 1-5 exercised their heart muscles by shooting hoops with classmates and learned about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, all while raising money for the AHA. 

The district commends its students for helping the community and raising awareness for an important cause. 

West Hempstead Announces Top 25 Scholars

West Hempstead Announces Top 25 Scholars photo
West Hempstead Announces Top 25 Scholars photo 2
West Hempstead High School is proud to announce the top 25 students of its 2018 graduating class. This elite group earned this distinction based on their scholarly achievements and dedication throughout their academic careers. 

Congratulations to: Brian Alfaro, Jayna Andrikou, Lee Boodoo (Salutatorian), Taylor D’Alessandro, Ryan DeCristoforo, Varun Dhir, Laura Eivazi, Regina Figaro, Deanna Gonzalez, Hannah Iseson, Rabiya Khan, Thais Maldonado, Unsha Monaj, Brianne Nappi, Jana Ralph, Nina Ramirez, Nina Rayano, John Regan, Julia Rizzo, Robin Rodriguez, Angela Roth, Ross Schimmenti, Daphne Sun, Shadman Syed (Valedictorian) and Katheryn Teran.

Commemorating Dr. Seuss’ Birthday Through Literacy

Commemorating Dr. Seuss’ Birthday Through Literacy photo

In honor of Read Across America Day, members of the West Hempstead Board of Education and administration, community members and West Hempstead High School Key Club students, gathered at Chestnut Street School on March 2 – the birthday of Dr. Seuss – to read to students.

Among those who read to the students were, Board of Education President Karen Brohm, Vice President Vincent Trocchia and trustee Andrea Shinsato, Superintendent of Schools Patricia Sullivan-Kriss, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction Dan Rehman and members of the high school Key Club. They also spoke to the students  about the importance of reading and how it has helped them become successful adults.

Additionally, classes gave a nod to the beloved children’s author by wearing red and white striped hats, cat whiskers and bow ties similar to the Cat in the Hat’s, eating green eggs and ham, and voting on their favorite Dr. Seuss book.

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